Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Favorites dec-Jan 16

A few of my favorite things; Carson is such a sleeper! When he is out, he is gone. He loves our bed more than his own and he owns it... Spreads out and gets comfy. Once he falls asleep in his car seat you can take him in stores and restaurants and he won't even budge. It is the craziest thing because if you sneeze at home and he is not fully asleep or comfortable he wakes up. The car seat is magic in this house.

Starting around 6 months old Carson started "sitting" up by himself... Mostly he leans over to eat his feet. Since Christmas, when he got a bumbo. He has discovered he has feet and plays with them all the time. Kicking, chewing sucking anything he can do with them he does. 

5 months old is when he started to show a little bit of excitement for things, he would squeal then around 6 months old he added kicking too. Now at 7 months old it's a full body. For example bath time, I strip him down to his diaper and he starts kicks and smiling then as soon as we go into the bathroom his arms are all over the place too. Then I turn on the water and he kicks,smiles,squeals throws his arms. Cracks us up every time. 

He has developed the same reaction for eating! 

He also has realized we have a cat. If he finds her he will scream yell/coo/ talk to her and he kicks his legs like he is on a trampoline. If I let him touch her he yells and fake laughs and kicks. She doesn't love him since he grabs her really hard... But she knows she gets a treat if she puts up with him. 

He loves to pull/yank/eat my hair.... Its not my favorite but he puts in on his head like he is wearing and that's pretty funny. 

He is such a ham! He smiles at all the ladies. 

He is still very very much a Momma's boy. He will cry for me if Kade is holding him and he can see me. For example it is usually around bed/nap time he doesn't want anyone else. So I was getting ready to leave and Kade was holding him in the chair down the hallway and he could see me in the bathroom mirror... So he started to fuss, so I closed the door so he couldn't see me and he started to cry. So Kade gave it a few mins... Then brought him to the bathroom opened then door he saw me and stopped crying. Then when I wouldn't take him... So he started to fuss... I finally finished and grabbed him and he was perfectly fine. Poor Kade. 

He will let other people hold him and make him smile but not play with him. Like throw him in the air or be a little ruff. It makes him super uncomfortable and he will freak out and scream with big crocodile tears. It usually strangers he does this to. There are a few exceptions. 

Now that he can rollover and scoot he gets high centered on things and it makes me laugh everytime. He also gets stuck now... Like with one arm under the couch or under the coffe table or face smashed into the bumper on his crib. 

He loves to read books. He likes to be on his tummy and turn/eat the pages him self and he will talk to them. He loves to sit in my lap and read as well. 

Still hates anything with pears in it. Literally my baby loves curry and will eat just fine but pears he will spit out cry and not open his mouth for you. 

Still 100% hates get dressed or undressed and will scream and cry everytime still. The only way to not have him cry is to do it on the bathroom whee he thinks he is getting in the tub. 

Loves to be outside and it's hard to be outside since it's so cold but we walk to the mail each day. 

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