{ About }

{Why Bugs?}

A family nickname, my mom has always called me "hayleybugs."
the rest of the family just picked up on it and it stuck.

{Why blooms?}

I have an undying love for flowers and since I have a bachelors degree in just that.. I am sure you get the point.

{Why Life?}

 Since it is a life style blog? why else?

Well, our story is here. We are currently in Rexburg, Idaho { loving referred to as "IceBurg" } where Kade is finishing up some schooling at Brigham Young University - Idaho.

Hayley or Bugs
Love to travel, eat, cook and work. Graduated in July 2012 with a Bachelor's in Horticulture with an emphasis in Floral design. She runs her own little business which you can find here and here. She once upon a time had her own blog and you can learn about her and the fun things she did here. She loves him very much!

Love motorcycles, cars, and anything fast. He is currently studying accounting and automative. He served in mission in Argentina and love to reflect upon the lessons learned. He is excited for summer again to ride his new motorcycle and to be done with school for a little bit! He loves her very much!