Monday, July 11, 2016

So I haven't blogged in forever. One major reason is my computer crashed and I lost a bunch of photos and hate the thing. Like I have this fiery vengeance in my soul every time I look at the darn thing and want to set it on fire. Then, in an effort to take more pictures of my baby( let's be real, ONLY of my baby) I deleted the blogger app because well apple sucks...

Anyways, I am dying for an outlet tonight. So here it is.

Life is life, but this week right after we celebrated the freedom of our country... Our country goes and mucks it all up. Police shooting citizens citizens shooting police people lying stealing cheating accident left and right... I don't know it just all chalked up to be more then I could handle coming into my life and I unfollowed and deleted every news source I had. It was a bit rash and probably childish, but man did I really feel the need for that peaceful reassurance you get for the gospel, and your family. Oh and I got it.

Man Heavenly Father is so good to me. Church; Carson was rather calm and I really felt his love for me and real peace. Our life has been one giant pile up for 3 months and it's finally settling down and I   Have learned a lot from this whole "moving/in limbo" thing we have been doing. Namely I am more of a home body then I realized I was and two I REALLY like my own space. I draw a lot of personal peace from being in my own space doing my own thing and not having that did a number on my mental state. But Heavenly Father just really calmed me down this weekend and I couldn't have even known that the way in which he did it was way more in tune with me and what I needed then I ever could a have guessed.

I am grateful for my little family and our own space. But mostly for the change in my personality these last few months. I love the these boys of mine and our own little space and own routine. Life and love are truly found at home and in being a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Ps I have never seen this video before and I am sure I am just glorious in it. Kade took it apparently the other day hahaha. enjoy!

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